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From our very childhood, we have been taught to love and respect our mother earth and the beautiful nature. After all, trees, mountains, oceans, etc forms an indispensable part of our lives. It’s is next to impossible to imagine our lives without the magnificent nature. They not only provide us valuable resources but add aesthetic value in our lives. In this chaotic era, nature gives us peace and calmness. Above all, it helps us in connecting with our inner-self but more than that our nature gives us some of the most valuable life lessons. Let’s look at some of the lessons that we can learn from our nature.


The secret behind the success of champions is that they don’t let anything hinder their performance. Not even something natural like their growing age. Who says that our growing age is an obstacle, that our growing age makes us weak? Have you seen an old mountain and tree bending? No, right. Because age is just a number for champions and legends. We don’t get old because of our age, we get old because we stop working, we get old because we stop growing and we get old because we think that we are getting old. There are millions of people on this earth who are afraid of getting old. But the truth is you just get older from the outside because inside yourself, you are never too old for anything. You just need to get up and change your inner age. Because if you grow old from inside you will lose hope and you know losing hope is no less than an end of the world. If you think positively then you will understand that as old you grow, the more experienced you become. Look at the old mountains and old trees; you will understand that your age gives you wisdom. So wherever you are, whatever your age might be, it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams. You are on time. So, just get up and show this world that there is no obstacle that you can’t overcome. Show them that age is just a matter of number.

Be a champion and conquer everything. And remember Old is always gold


What is the best thing about the mountains, seas, oceans, trees, and any other natural creation? The best thing about them is they remain constant and eternal in every season and situation. Unlike humans, they don’t complain about trivial problems and challenges. Whether its summer, winter, monsoon, or spring, in any every season, they remain persistent. And that’s the secret of success. To remain consistent in every situation and not letting any obstacle stop us is the only way to taste success. You must be mentally strong enough to stand patiently in every situation. And this is the only thing that you require to be successful. After all, genius is just 1% talent and 99% hard work and consistency. Every successful women and man on this earth are not necessarily talented but they are consistent. If you are consistent then no one can stop you from reaching your destination.

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The indomitable mountains and trees always stand straight irrespective of any hurdle and obstacle. No hurdle has the power to break the mountains and trees. Mountains not only teach us to aim high but they also teach us to not get affected by any bottleneck that comes in our way. Mountains teach us to take risks, to come out of our comfort zone to taste. If we want to taste success, we must go the extra mile to achieve our goals. But at the same time, if you will remain in your comfort zones, then no matter how hard you work, you won’t become a champion. If we stand patiently like mountains with an indefatigable will, we can conquer anything in the world. And this magic happens when humans meet the mountains when humans come across the challenges in their lives. Because after facing and conquering the storm, when we come out it, we stand exactly like mountains.



There are thousands of lessons that Mother Nature teaches us. But my favourite lesson that our mother nature not only preaches but also practices is that “Life is all about giving” that too giving indiscriminately to everyone irrespective of any factor. Have you ever seen, a tree eating its fruit, a river drinking its water, a tree taking its shade? No, right. Because the joy is in giving and not in taking. We always receive from our mother earth more than that we give to her and more than that we deserve. Likewise, we all must give more than all we receive. And this is what life is all about. Isn’t it? So always ask yourself-

  1. What are you giving to your loved ones and your society?
  2. What is your contribution to making this world a better place?

It’s only when you understand the importance of giving, only then you can find true happiness in your life. Help as much as possible, give as much as possible and remember the natural law of attraction which says that whatever you give, you receive it back. Nature teaches us that whatever we sow, we reap.



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Life is all about moving and growing. Only death should stop us from learning. Our mother nature teaches us to grow. We are surrounded by growing creatures. Our trees are growing, rivers are flowing and mountains are getting taller. If you grow, you win. But no matter how talented and genius you are, the moment you stop growing, you will fall. So, grow in your career life, grow in your personal life, and grow in your financial life. JUST GROW. And if at any moment, you don’t feel like growing then look around yourself. Look at the lofty mountains, look at the tall trees, look at the eternal sea, look at the glowing sky, look at the ignited sun, and look at the shining stars. You have thousands of reasons to grow. Growing is an essential part of this universe. So, just move with the pace of the universe and you will see the miracles happening in your life. Because, if you will grow then people around you will also grow. Be the one who not only grows but also inspires people to grow, Therefore, if you want to rise, keep running, keep walking, and at least keep crawling. But please, don’t at any cost, I repeat, don’t at any cost stop.


There is something very fascinating about the mountains. I am sure you will agree. Whether you are a professional mountaineer or someone who just loves to stare at mountains, we all admire lofty grandiose mountains. But ever wondered what makes mountains so special and attractive? It’s because, in a very simple way, mountains teach us to always look above and aim high but at the same time they tell us to remain connected to the earth. If you let your success move over your head then the repercussion can be fatal for you. The biggest lesson that we can take from the mountains is to make a balance between success and failure. Mountains let us understand the thin line between confidence and overconfidence. They tell us that if confidence can build you then over-confidence can break you. And this is what mountains are all about, they can inspire you to aim high at the same time they possess the power to break your over-confidence.

So no matter how successful you become in your life, make sure that you are connected to the ground. And only then you will able to rise in life like the tall, lofty, and enormous mountains.


So whenever you feel low and demotivated, just observe trees, mountains, and oceans and remember these valuable lessons that they give us.




Law Student. Loves to write on personal development, self-help, and mental health. An introvert by nature, writing is one of the ways I use to express myself.

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Nikita Chaudhary

Nikita Chaudhary

Law Student. Loves to write on personal development, self-help, and mental health. An introvert by nature, writing is one of the ways I use to express myself.

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